Parish Statistics

Angamaly Parish is the most thickly populated Parish in Kerala. Decades back, this Parish was occupied about more than 3,500 families. Later, considering the inconvenience developed in administrative and pastoral services , various small Parishes like North Champanoor, South Champannoor, Josepuram, Kidagoor, Kariyamparambu, Kavaraparabu etc occupied with filial churches/ shrines were separated from mother Parish Angamaly. Consequently, the strength of families was reduced to about 2400 nos; residing within area of 20 sq. km. The people are mostly belong to middle class family and less than 8% lies below the poverty line.

Family Units

Family units are the most ingredient parts of the Church. Angamaly Parish is divided in to 55 family units for facilitating the administration. Each unit has an average of 50 families integrated in. The Unit President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, Organisers etc are elected from among them. Every month, a particular day is allocated to each Unit for gathering prayer meeting. Parish priest, 2 sisters from F.C. Convent and Central committee members will also be present and the function would be led by the parish priest. The meeting consists of prayer session, entertainment session and discussions. The meeting starts with Children’s programme at 05.30 p.m and ends by 08.00 p.m.