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Padiyola is an agreement written on palm leaf. After the death of Mar Kariyattil, Thoma kattanar arrived at Angamally and he invited all Syrian church representatives to assemble at Angamally. The church representatives rushed to Angamally to hear their leader and to know the truth of the death of Mar Kariyattil at Goa. Thachil Mathew Tharakan (1741–1814 A.D.), a dignified foremost man in the Christian community, who had been honoured by Karthika Thirunal Maharaja as ‘Tharakan,’ exercised his influence in all-important affairs of the state-both political and religious. He took active part in the attempts to get a Bishop of the Syrian rite and for the re-union of Jacobites with Catholics.

In February 1st, 1787, the community leader Mathew Tharakan organized a meeting at Angamally incorporating the representatives from 84 churches.This historical event took place at St. George church and Paramakel Thoma Kattanar presided over the function. The famous historic ‘Angamally Padiyola’ (decisions) was written in that meeting. Mathew Tharakan and his associates could make an agreement that the Carmelite missionaries should not interfere in the liturgical matters of native Christians. This agreement was brought to the notice of Kochi and Travancore rulers and got approval. The document is filled with national spirit and desire for self-rule and condemnation of the injustices of the Portuguese missionaries. The Angamaly padiyola deteriorated the relations between Carmelite missionaries and the native St. Thomas Christians. It is a spontaneous outburst of the grievances and aspirations of the St. Thomas Christians. At the same time, it is a strong expression of the Community to be ruled by her own ecclesiastical heads. However, the community had to wait for another century for the realization of this desire.

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